Fullscreen Saves on Power and Cost Using Litepanels for their New Sets


The 700 million subscribers with the Fullscreen app not only get access to thousands of original videos created by some of the Internet’s biggest celebrities, they’re also free to explore a massive catalog of classic shows such as Dawson’s Creek and Saved by the Bell. As a large global network that supports hundreds of content creators, influencers and brands, Fullscreen’s new production studio in Los Angeles, CA had to skillfully manage a wide assortment of sets in one location for their original content.

“We transformed a 14,000 square foot warehouse in Playa Vista into a fully supported 4K production facility containing two studios, thirteen stages and working sets featuring original Talk, Weekly and Daily content that service our SVOD platform, Fullscreen.com.” described Fullscreen’s Executive-in-Charge of Production Richard A. Pizante.

Lighting was one of the major and more difficult challenges during the design phase and buildout of Fullscreen Studios. As a result, they decided to install a full complement of Litepanels LED lighting that was a mixture of LED Fresnels and LED panels for their talent and some LED color changing lights for the sets.

“We had some very specific weight, power and heat restrictions to consider and Litepanels proved to be the best option due to their design, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency,” said Pizante.

Because of their light weight and compact form, the range of the Litepanels products that the Fullscreen team purchased could effortlessly integrate into their studio. And by adding the Astra RJ45 communications module, they could easily daisy chain their lights via DMX512 protocol and control their brightness and temperature off a dimmer board.

“For this studio, I had to come up with an inventory of stuff that would be really flexible,” stated Lighting Designer Dan Reed. “Litepanels was the affordable one, the lightweight one, and the one with the least amount of power. And what was really astounding was the Daylight Astra EP has an incredible output for the price point.”

Twice as bright as the original Litepanels 1x1, the Astra 1x1 EP Daylight panel is designed with premium, high CRI, surface mount LEDs and custom-designed TIR optics that produce the best possible color quality. And with a higher intensity, Fullscreen was able to illuminate a wider area and utilize that longer throw for their array of stages.

To complement the Astra, Fullscreen also employed the Sola 4 Daylight LED Fresnel lights for their new studio space. A true Fresnel fixture with heat-free LED technology, the Sola 4 is the smallest DMX controllable LED Fresnel on the market and ultimately saves Fullscreen on power by producing a small fraction of the power draw compared to conventional fixtures.

“Litepanels became a very rare company in that they have both a really good soft light panel and an entire Fresnel package that would work in conjunction. And that’s what’s really cool. I’m at 5,000 Watts for 100 lights, which is outstanding; that’s four sound stages that have less wattage than what typical studios use to light a green screen for their weather segment.”

For more information on Litepanels, go to Litepanels.com and to see the video on Fullscreen’s new LA lighting set up visit [link].

Sample content online at Fullscreen.com or download the Fullscreen App from the App Store, Apple TV or Google Play.

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