Introducing the ASTRA 1×1 Bi-Color Fixture: the Next Generation LED Panel

Building on the legacy of the original 1x1 fixture, the new-generation ASTRA 1×1 Bi-Color sets the standard for professional LED panels. Offering a light output up to four times brighter than the traditional 1×1 Bi-Color fixture, the new ASTRA features high CRI (Color Rendering Index), and user selectable active or passive cooling modes, all in a one square foot form factor.

The innovative daylight to tungsten tuneable colour model was years in the making, and is the first in a new ASTRA line of panels, with additional fixtures in the series set to debut later this year.

“The original Litepanels 1×1 has been used on thousands of sets and shoots worldwide,” noted Chris Marchitelli, Vice President of Marketing for Litepanels. “We’ve always known that our next-generation panel would need to push the performance envelope, so we approached our new ASTRA line very thoughtfully.

"We took our time, drew from our wealth of experience building professional LED fixtures, and accessed feedback from our customers. The time, effort, research and development we put into the ASTRA series has produced a sturdy yet lightweight LED panel that offers better output and colour than ever before. When you put your hands on this light, you’ll see that we exceeded our own expectations.”