Litepanels Unveils Sola 9 and Inca 9 at NAB 2014

Ideal for studio and remote applications, the new Sola 9 (daylight balanced) and Inca 9 (tungsten balanced) LED Fresnels will be unveiled  at NAB 2014. Following last year’s breakthrough launch of the Sola 12 and Inca 12, the new 9” fixtures fill a market demand for medium-sized LED Fresnels.

"With the introduction of the Sola 9 and Inca 9, Litepanels now offers a complete LED solution for broadcast and production applications,” said Chris Marchitelli, Vice President of global marketing for Litepanels. “This has been our goal for customers since we first set out to reimagine the traditional Fresnel fixture.

"We understood the inherent differences between tungsten bulbs and LED emitters, and knew that it demanded a fresh perspective on fixture design. Litepanels’ LED Fresnel fixtures were designed from the ground up, and we took great care to ensure that familiar form factor and function weren't lost in the process."

The Sola 9 and Inca 9 are stronger and brighter than a traditional 1K Fresnel and offer a host of cost-effective features. Energy efficient, they draw just 189 watts of electricity, and generate only a small amount of heat through Litepanels’ patented Cool to the Touch™ LED technology – allowing for greatly reduced HVAC costs. The fixtures also offer years of colour-accurate service without the need for traditional lamp replacements.

An integrated DMX module allows remote dimming and focusing, eliminating the need for expensive dimmers and climate-controlled dimmer rooms, and negating the use of ladders to adjust focus. The DMX module works with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections via any standard DMX512 protocol device. With these energy, facility and labour savings, Litepanels’ LED fixtures have been proven to generate a return on investment (ROI), typically in 3 years or less.